Our Ethics

Our company is founded on the values of personal, ecological, and business sustainability.

Our mission is to deliver quality website services to the general public while assisting in increasing awareness the impact we all have on the delicate balance of our environment. We do this by offsetting our energy usage with green certificates and applying the use of other renewable energy technologies.

We offer you an alternative to normal website hosting and creative ideas and suggestions to implement creating for you a more sustainable livelihood. Our hope is that our global neighborhood will place value in the support of eco business that balance economic goals with a sense of responsibility for the health of the planet and its people by associating in a natural and amicable way.

JDA Publishing is the head of a family of websites hoping to be a part of social change. We are committed to conducting our business in ethical and socially responsible ways. We hope to contribute positively to the community who supports us. The more green businesses that work/ host with us, the more solid the network becomes, and the more opportunities grow for all of us!

Founder Jodi Reichenberger has been designing web sites for her clients since 1998.

JDA Publishing...

  • is based out of the South Midwestern State of Oklahoma United States.

  • is independently owned & profitable.

  • services people new to the internet, entrepreneurs, non-profits, small businesses & individuals...

  • is the counterbalance of inefficient and impersonal web service

  • buys much more clean energy than its servers and office use in electricity.

  • believes in open-source software & sustainability. We also believe in good projects; if you think you've got something worthwhile but are missing funds for your webspace, send us an email; if it will help the community, maybe we can work something out...


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